Hey Hey it's JesseI am a multi-disciplined designer passionate about improving content and user experience through design and strategy. I live just outside of Austin Texas, and have been working as an Interaction Designer and Content Strategist. I was formally trained in architectural design at the University of Texas school of Architecture where I graduated with a BA in 2003.

The skills of architecture have proven invaluable to me as I have transitioned to the digital world of human interface design. If you think about it, Architecture is really one of the first forms of human interface design. It is a highly user focused discipline that combines design, proportion, form, and function.  Le Corbusier, who’s architectural designs were focused on functionalism within the modernist movement once said, “A house is a machine for living in.” Architecture and Interface design are similar in that a good designer is able to understand the tools for building, be adept at visual hierarchy and order, and most importantly have a defined strategy for the design based on the end users and their goals.

So often I see design processes get bloated and off track because the problem or the goals of the client are not fully understood before starting production. If we are not constantly asking “Why are we doing such and such thing or functionality”  and if the answer is not aligned with the primary client and user goals (set from the beginning), we have to have the courage to simplify for the sake of clarity. We have to be steadfast and abounding in the work of clarity, or face the costly alternative of sliding away from our project goals and ultimately sliding away from contentment.


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