Icon Standardization


Audit of inconsistent application iconography:Iconography process

Define Iconography constraints:


Using existing icon patterns with adaptive flexible icon creation rules – recreation of core set of end user iconography:


Phase one of icon standardization:


Interaction Design Work

Iphone e-commerce workflow Template

This mobile web version of a typical e-commerce, or m-commerce, workflow was wireframed in Omnigraffle. I was exploring integrating some desktop web form techniques to better streamline the mobile checkout process.

Mobile E-Commerce Wireframe 1

Mobile E-Commerce Wireframe 2

E-commerce workflow template

After working through an online course by Luke Wroblewski, I developed this e-ccommerce checkout flow to capture the techniques for increasing user completion and user retention for an e-commerce site.

E-commerce Flow Template Image

Click to see the Full E-commerce Flow Template



Political Advocacy – Wireframes

This political advocacy group requested a site where users could research candidates for the Texas School Board of Education, The Texas Senate and Texas House. They wanted users to be able to search by zip code, candidate name, or with a point and click interactive map. Working with the clients and the development team, I designed an interface that met the clients goals and kept the search process for users simple and intuitive.

Political Advocacy Site Image

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Credit Union – Wireframes

A popular credit union was looking to update their current site. At the top of their priority list was improving their navigation; they needed their site to be faster and easier for users of all different backgrounds to find and access content. Working with the clients to define the content hierarchy, I developed a navigation and login framework that is easier for users to visually pars, find their content and move on. See Jakob Nielson’s eyetracking research in how web content is visually scanned by users.

Credit Union Sample Page

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Pharmaceutical – Wireframes

This pharmaceutical site redesign focused on delivering data to multiple medical user groups in as few steps as possible. I was able to work with the clients to prioritize and focus their message.

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Architectural Design Work –

Below are a few of the projects that I worked on as lead architectural project manager. These projects formed the foundation of my passion for user experience design, client process and good communication.


Museum Project – Manhattan, Kansas

Worked as design project manager for the addition and renovation of the Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art.

KSU Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art


Episcopal School Project – Austin, Texas

Worked as design project manager for two new High School Buildings at St. Stephen’s Episcopal School.

St. Stephen’s Episcopal School


Historic Home Renovation and Addition – Austin, Texas

Worked as design project manager on the renovation and addition to a historic home in the heart of Austin.

Austin Residence